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Exploring complex problem solving through learning-based artificial intelligence.

Developing  Intelligence with Symbolic AI and Machine Learning

The Strong AI Lab (SAIL), at The University of Auckland’s School of Computer Science, explores novel approaches to complex problem solving, focusing on learning-based artificial intelligence. By leveraging current developments in the Deep Learning revolution in AI along with techniques derived from symbolic AI, our researchers aim to give computers the powers of understanding and integration. This challenging area of AI research has a high potential for commercial impact.

In short, we are attempting to replicate the central basis of complex human thought in problem solving.
Professor Michael Witbrock

Although achieving human-level understanding and reasoning remains a formidable long-term goal, recent developments have opened a path to significant near-term advancements. For example, some of our research investigates automating the interpretation and integration of text, diagrams, and tables to improve performance on complex question-answering tasks. Such advancements are not only within our grasp but also poised for rapid commercialisation.

While the Strong AI Lab is committed to conducting and disseminating research of the highest international caliber, our focus extends beyond academic excellence. We aim to yield tangible benefits for New Zealand and humanity at large. This commitment involves local collaboration with New Zealand’s researchers and contributing to a globally recognized entrepreneurial ecosystem. On a broader scale, our goal is to guide AI development towards fostering a sustainable, fulfilling future for humanity worldwide.

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Highlighting AI’s Potential: An Interview with Michael Witbrock

Highlighting AI’s Potential: An Interview with Michael Witbrock

In a recent interview, Michael Witbrock, our co-Director at NAOInstitute, shared his insights on the transformative potential of AI, featured in an article by Melania Watson on IT Brief. Michael discussed the exciting opportunities AI will create, particularly in...

Dangers of Digital Doppelgängers

Dangers of Digital Doppelgängers

In a recent interview, the head of Strong AI Lab, Professor Michael Witbrock, addresses the growing challenge of identifying truth in digitally manipulated content. This topic is increasingly relevant as technology rapidly advances, exemplified by sophisticated...

AI for good

AI for good

The Government is investing millions of dollars in the University of Auckland to help understand and unlock the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Open Domain Interviewing Agent

Interviewing is a critical human-to-human task in multiple industries, including journalism, human resources, and qualitative research fieldwork. Interviewing can be broadly defined as an interactive goal-orientated knowledge acquisition task on a target source....

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