In a recent interview, Michael Witbrock, our co-Director at NAOInstitute, shared his insights on the transformative potential of AI, featured in an article by Melania Watson on IT Brief.

Michael discussed the exciting opportunities AI will create, particularly in revolutionising healthcare through transformative breakthroughs in biomedicine. He envisions a future where AI significantly enhances global well-being by addressing complex medical challenges.

Importantly, Michael’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to ethical AI development position New Zealand as a leader in innovation. His dedication to harnessing AI for the greater good is a source of pride for us at NAOInstitute.

We are grateful to Melania Watson for providing this platform to discuss these important issues.

Read more about Michael Witbrock’s insights in the full article here: Exclusive: AI Expert Says Human Displacement Likely in 10 Years


“We are at a point of very dramatic change in the technological basis of human civilization,” – Michael Witbrock.